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You Set the Price

You Conduct the Sale

You are Contacted by the Prospective Buyers

You Complete the Sale at Your Convenience

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What you need to know before selling your car.


You Set the Price


You Conduct the Sale


You are Contacted by the Prospective Buyers


You Complete the Sale at Your Convenience

Take a deep breath


It can be daunting to sell a car, especially if you’ve never done it before. It’s also a big-ticket item, so it raises the stakes even more. But with a few tips, you’ll be in great shape!


Lookin’ Good


Make sure the car, or other vehicle you’re selling, looks as nice as possible. While you might think it would be easy for prospective buyers to look past a little dust, cleaning it up helps buyers envision themselves with the car. The little extra effort you put into making the car look presentable means selling your car for a higher price too.

Clean your car thoroughly. This means:

• Wash and wax the exterior
• Remove clutter
• Vacuum and wipe down interior
• Clean the windows


It’s all about details


If you’re hard-pressed for time, you could also have your car detailed by a professional. Expect $20 to $50 for a basic clean and wash; or $100 to $200 for full detailing, including a shampoo and wax.

Top it off

Replace burnt-out lights or fuses. Top off all fluid levels. Take it in for an oil change, if you haven’t had one recently.

Maintenance records

If you can provide maintenance records, it’s a plus. This shows that the car was well taken care of and the new owner can expect fewer problems in the future.

The Price is Right!

Do your homework so you price it right! Look up private sales prices through NADA and Kelly Blue Book, which can be found online. <insert link>

Don’t write it in a minute

Be thoughtful in your ad description. Take adequate time to ensure you’ve included everything. Don’t forget to mention any upgrades, special features, or options if applicable.

Decide if you want to include “Or Best Offer” (OBO) at the end of the listing.

You might also mention if the car has only had one owner, is non-smoking, or was regularly kept in a garage.


Title & Bill of Sale


Make sure you have a clear title and bill of sale ready. Keep a copy for your personal records.

Call me

Leave a phone number or email on your Profile page that you will be regularly monitoring. Prospective buyers might have questions. Make yourself available to receive their emails or phone calls! If you miss a call or email, respond as soon as you can.

Let’s meet
Meet prospective buyers during daylight hours for your safety.

Trust by verify
Beware of fake checks. You might want to call and verify funds are available with the bank.


Right before the sale


Remove your license plates and valuables before handing the new owner the keys. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised! It can be easy to overlook details like this when you have a lot on your mind.

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